Since 1974, KESKE Entsorgung GmbH has been working in the collection, transportation, and marketing of reusable waste, and has turned into a modern medium-sized service company for waste management. In 1997, KESKE Entsorgung GmbH became a certified waste management specialist as specified in §53 KrWG (Waste Recycling and Management Act). KESKE Entsorgung GmbH was one of the first companies in Germany to obtain this certifcation. Today, the company has a leading position among its regional competitors.

KESKE Entsorgung GmbH is a member of the NGS, the Society for the Final Disposal of Special Waste of Lower Saxony. The NGS is the surveillance and allocation authority responsible for the disposal and utilization of waste that needs special monitoring.

Early on, KESKE Entsorgung GmbH has accepted the responsibility for environmental protection. The company is continually improving the environmental compatibility of its services. Differentiated acquisitions and channelling of waste flows – according to the recycling-based economy – require an improved range of assistance and service in waste management. KESKE is prepared to face these challenges.