KESKE Outfit Sponsoring 2009

The U12 soccer team of Eintracht Braunschweig wears KESKE-outfits. By sponsoring the outfits, KESKE supports the junior soccer team and invests into our region's youth.

KESKE co-sponsoring of the NORD/LB Open 2007

Once again, KESKE acted as co-sponsor for the 14th Nord/LB Open. The ATP event was revalued by reorganisation in 2007, and the organisers were able to create the right mixture of entertainment and professional tennis. All in all, about 23,000 spectators visited the grounds.

Braunschweig classixfestival 2005

After months of preparation, the day finally came on 4 June 2005. as part of the Braunschweig classixfestival, the Ragga-Funkin'-Kings from Munich performed in our sorting hall on our premises. The audience attending this spectacular event experienced an inimitable mixture of latin-flavoured hip hop, funky jazz tunes and reggae grooves. Well-known HitRadio Antenne anchorman and DJ Stefan Wenk hosted the show.

Children's Drawing Competition “Environment/Raw Materials/Recycling“ 2004

In the summer of 2004, Keske Disposal Ltd hosted a drawing competition at Braunschweig's elementary schools with the topic “Environment/Raw Materials/Recycling“. A celebrity jury, who chose the winning drawing, included Dr.  Annette Boldt-Stülzebach (Institute for Culture Braunschweig) and Olaf Jaeschke (Jaeschke Art Gallery). The winning drawing was painted onto our newest truck and has been driving through Braunschweig and its vicinity ever since.