Founded in 1947 as a container service company in northern Germany, today, we are a modern service company in the waste management industry. We serve as an expert partner for all waste management problems in different regions of Lower-Saxony.

The company premises are located in the industrial estate of Veltenhof in the north-western region of Braunschweig. The company operates in the entire region between the Harz Mountains and the Heide. This region stretches from Hannover to Magdeburg and from Lüneburg to Goslar.

Since 1974, Keske Entsorgung GmbH has been working in the collection, transportation, and marketing ... 
Facts and Figures
KESKE Entsorgung GmbH employs about 50 industrial and commercial employees. 
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We know how important qualified and motivated employees are for the success of a company. 
The U12 soccer team of Eintracht Braunschweig wears KESKE-outfits. By sponsoring the outfits, KESKE ...